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Comic Trades Monthly

Jun 10, 2020

Robert Kirkman made some great Zombies in Walking Dead. But this time we read his entry into super heroes with Invincible. 
But does it resonate with interesting characters like his other works? 
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Jun 6, 2020

We mourn the death of so many black lives during this time. With the unfair treatment of the black community, 
we don't want to say much but here are a list of people to support and information to research. 

Matt Baker/Clarence Matthew Baker
Kevin Grevioux
Christopher Priest
Tee Franklin
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Jun 3, 2020

We talk to co creators Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe about Metalshark bro probably our favorite read of the year.
We cover religion, friendship and everything beyond.
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